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Since 1974 we have been a point of reference both nationally and internationally in the production of welts


The company was founded in 1974 as an artisanal workshop and, thanks to the initiative of Adriano Michetti it managed to expand itself using employee trained by skilled hands. The search for innovation and the work ethic of Mr. Michetti also involved his daughter Elena that from 2011 joined the company’s management, pursuing with his father the common objective to satisfy any customer’s request.

The company mainly produces welts, made in different kinds of materials. Thanks to our strict business organization, we can follow every step of the project, from the initial idea to the finished product.

In fact, according to the different needs of our customers, we offer our professional consultancy, passing through the sampling step and finally the entire production of small and big orders. To ensure an optimal management organization, the company works inside a warehouse with inside the administrative office and a production area of 1000mq divided in the department for the processing of leather and salpa, wire drawing tr and PVC, sewing area, gluing, painting and the department dedicated to the welt finishing.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and the highly qualified staff, we can perform precision machining for the maximum customization of the product. To ensure a high-quality product, following environment policies, we only use water paint and certified raw materials that can guarantee compliance with REACH regulation for the use of chemical products.

The constant research and the important investments in technology have allowed the company to be up with the times, forging a strong partnership with national and international customers and becoming a point of reference in the industry.


Guardolificio Michetti is a company specializing in the production of welts for injected and pre-milled products. We carry out work on different types of materials and for footwear of all types and kinds: for men, women and children, both sporty and elegant.

These are extruded plastic materials, mostly used for injected and pretrimmed soles. The welts can be and colored thanks to our mixtures. The raw material arrives in a neutral color and we customize and combine it with the upper. We make customized finishing like sewing, painting, and wheeling.

We only use high-quality natural materials that allow us to make performing finishing of the welt and to guarantee an excellent final product. We can work on this kind of material making wheeling, studded, zippers or customized writings, sewing, and painting. These kinds of materials are mostly used for injected and pretrimmed soles and can be colored or sewed according to customer needs.

This is a compact material with a great density, mainly assembled with leather soles and more generally for classic shoes. The raw material, according to the customer, arrives with predefined colors.

It’s a light material that requires slim processing. It can be cut and worked according to customer needs and is available in a wide range of colors. This kind of material is mainly used for summer shoes and pretrimmed soles.


Guardolificio Michetti experience


Since 1974 we are a point of reference in the industry and we guarantee customized artisanal products, made by our highly qualified staff.

Guardolificio Michetti quality


Our work ethic and the high quality of the raw materials, allows us to produce performing welts in line with customer expectations.

Guardolificio Michetti tecnologia


To be up with the times in an evolving market, we are constantly looking for the last technological types of machinery and innovation, only to satisfy our customers.

Guardolificio Michetti time


We can guarantee efficiency, punctuality, and rapidity, making direct delivery in our area and shipping with couriers all over the world.


See some examples of the application of our welts


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